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Micronic Silver Topical Healing Spray is 50ppm, Silver has proven to be an effective antibiotic alternative
that can be taken as a preventative or defense against germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and diseases while
remaining safe for humans and animals. Our specially formulated Micronic Silver takes Silver to the next
level. Our unique proprietary formulation was developed using equipment and processes that we created,
this means nobody else has our Micronic Silver technology, Our Micronic Silver, is superior to the lesser
types of colloidal, ionic and nona-silvers, has both a sublingual and ingested delivery system and works
where other silver products fail like in the digestive tract, Micronic Silver is all natural, does not have to
be refrigerated, is not effected by sunlight and has a 10 year shelf life.
Ingredients: contains 99.9% pure silver in distilled water. Available in a standard 8 ounce spray bottle.

Topical Spray

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