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Ozone, the superhero of bacteria-busting, virus-vanquishing, and fungus-fighting! Ozone based products address inflammation and promotes tissue repair. An integrative review was performed to see how effective ozonated oil is at treating both acute and chronic inflammations. The team selected 28 articles and found that ozonated oil is superior when it comes to healing cuts, burns and ulcers. It does this by reducing microbial infections and calming down inflammation.

Wound Care

Healing Cutaneous Lesions with Ozonated Oil
Patients suffering from cutaneous lesions that deteriorate into infected ulcers, especially those with diseases such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, and aging, face a significant socioeconomic burden. However, daily application of ozonated oil can eliminate infection and facilitate speedy recovery, thereby providing hope for those patients with little expectation of a cure.

Pain & Inflammation

Osteoarthritis sufferers and people dealing with other inflammatory conditions often face pain as the primary limitation. Luckily, Oleazone Salve applied topically has shown to be a promising option for reducing pain associated with this disease. This alternative or integrative treatment offers a safe, affordable, and user-friendly option for patients seeking relief. Ultimately, reducing pain levels can lead to an improved quality of life for those affected by inflammatory conditions.

Doctor and Patient
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